10 Benefits of Roller Skating

10 Benefits of Roller Skating

Get addicted!

But that is a great addiction to have! Roller skating lowers your stress levels, will slim down your body, make you more flexible and… quite possibly boost your likes on social media (wink, wink). Roller skating is fun, it is a great way to spend time with your friends and family and a few rounds are so much better than boring and monotonous working at your local gym. Another bonus: very healing and soothing for your psyche!

How come roller skating remains ever so popular? Well, there is no need to get a license or permit, they are not necessarily very expensive, and last but not least: roller skating is back in vogue! Will roller skating become as popular among health enthusiasts as winter swimming has? Who knows, both allegedly have very similar health benefits. Let's not forget this is not just about your body but also about your mind. Boost your endorphins! Heal your body and your mind!

  1. Trying to slim down?

When it comes to fat burning, roller skating can easily compete with jogging. An hour on your roller blades equals 600- 700 cal burnt which is an equivalent of two glazed donuts! Not bad, right? And that is just the beginning! Roller skating on a regular basis helps you lose weight pretty quick. But it is good to monitor your blood pressure throughout the process and keep it to 130 heartbeats per minute. That way, the training won't be too exhausting.

  1. Strengthening your muscles

When roller skating, your upper body is usually slightly bent over, you knees are bent slightly too- all that helps you keep the balance. Such posture forces al your muscles to work: your thigh muscles, your abdominal muscles, arms and back. Of course, your thighs and and buttock muscles are working the hardest. There is a reason after all why #rollergirl gets so many clicks! Roller skating is perfect for all ladies who want to be fit and athletic without bulking up too much.

  1. Easy on the joints!

An intenstive work out - whether to lose weight or to built muscle mass- might be hard on your joints. Luckily, when it comes to roller skating, there is no such thing as "hard on the joints"! All movements are very fluid, no sharp sudden moves, so your knees and back are saved. That is very important especially when you are trying to pick up where you left off after a break.

  1. Improved motor skills

The posture mentioned above- a roller skater's posture so to speak- forces your entire body to be actively engaged. All your muscles are working hard together, trying to keep your balance, which in practice translates into improved motor skills. And improved motor skills means you will be more agile, more limber- all very useful qualities and in our everyday life.

  1. Get into shape fast

No one ever made the rule that heart-strenghtening cardio can only be done at a gym, right? Roller skating is the perfect example. Benefits? Your body gets more oxygen, your heart gets stronger everyday, the fatigue is gone forever and you just feel better, stroner, happier and more energized! That is quite a list of benefits, isn't it?

  1. Fit at any age

There is no age cut off when it comes to roller skating. There are almost no contraindications to roller skating- it is generally speaking a very universal and safe sports discipline. Naturally, before going crazy in the city, a warm up is always a good idea - do some stretches, make sure you know how to stop in a safe, quick and effective way. Learn how to fall safely- because yes, that might happen. Make sure you have control over your roller blades. Always wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads! Roller blades really are for everyone which is why you might often spot an entire family roller skating together. So should roller skating be nominated as the best outdoors activity ever to do together with friends and family? BBQ- ing might still win but roller skating is definitely on that shortlist! And how about we do both? Worth considering, right?

  1. Easy as pie!

A car- an expensive upkeep, tons of money AND time wasted on parking. A bike- better for the environment (and your body) than the car but we are not living in a perfect world, and there are still not enough bike paths in our cities to guarantee a smooth ride that won't wreck havoc on your nerves. What about roller blades? A pair of roller blades won't take much space. An even surface is all you need so an urban environment is ideal. Why not start roller skating to work or school? A commute made easier and a training: 2in1!

  1. Less stress

Roller skating + fresh air= relax. Depending on your mood and your body's capabilities, you can either take it easy and simply go for a ride or you can turn that ride in an intensive training. Or you can do both and turn it into a sort of an interval training on roller blades. Regardless of your pace or technique, roller skating will let your mind unwind and leave your problems behind- if only for an hour. Physical activity has always been recommended by doctors as a mood booster.

  1. Lighten up and smile!

Medical research has proven time and again that physical activity is not just prevention but also a great cure for all those suffering from depression, regardless how mild or severe. Positive results have been observed in many cases- regardless of the patient's gender or age. A brisk walk, power walking, jogging or roller skating: all have a positive effect on human mind. What is behind all that magic? Serotonin- the original happy hormone is released. And of course endorphins- released post-workout. Which is why instead of tired, you feel happy and energized after an intensive training.

  1. In-Style!

Roller skating or inline skating as it is called these days, is back for good- or it has never been out? Laugh all you want but roller skating has been trending for a while! TikTok, Instagram- you name it. #inlineskating! And don't even get us started on #inlineskating during #lockdown! Roller skating has become something of a fashion trend in recent years. And it all makes sense- it is one of those physical activities that really do not require much- you don't need to belong to any club, you don't need a playground or a gym. All you need is a nice weather and a street. Besides, roller blades are pretty wallet- friendly. A pair of Movino roller skates>>> hyperlink. Parę rolek Movino can be yours for about PLN 159. You must admit- that is not a steep price to pay for your own four wheels (wink, wink). Yup, we are talking about four wheels because roller skates featuring three large wheels each are roller blades and fall into another category. Roller skates feature wheels made rubber or synthetic rubber which translates into great adhesion and a nice, fluid ride. The size of the wheels matters too. Movino roller skates feature wheels that are proportionate to the the size of the "boot"- for your comfort. Best in class, ultra durable ABEC- 9 bearings guarantee a fluid and speedy ride.

Need some inspiration? Netflix is full of movies about roller skaters  that should give you plenty: from those more recent: "Silver Skates"(2020), "United Skates"(2018)", "Hell on wheels"(a great documentary!) to the classics: "Skatetown, USA" from 1979 or "Boogie Nights".